Anvi Pottery is the fulfilment of master ceramist Sandeep Manchekar’s dream of a ceramic studio facility, where students can enroll in residencies, learn pottery, exchange ideas and expand their knowledge of the craft.

Sandeep has taught ceramics for well over 30 years and is renowned for his lustre glaze work and raku. He manufactures kilns and wheels and also supplies clay bodies, raw materials and glazes to studio potters, art schools and institutions across the country.

The Anvi Pottery studio is also available to artists and production potters. Equipped with potter’s wheels, multiple gas and electric kilns, slab rollers and pug mills, you can bring your ideas and leave with finished products.

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Sandeep Manchekar Profile

Sandeep Manchekar

Sandeep started his journey with ceramics at the age of eight and he has dedicated his life to practicing and teaching pottery. Over the last few decades, Sandeep has taught and mentored hundreds of ceramic artists and enthusiasts across India.

Anvi Pottery Profile

Anvi Pottery

Set among the lush farmlands of Raigad, with the verdant hills as a backdrop, the studio sets the stage for a slower life away from the city. Anvi Pottery attracts ceramists from all over India to practice pottery and attend classes, events and residencies.

Workshops and

Introduction to Pottery

Take your first steps into the world of pottery. Learn the basic methods of working with clay to create your own individual ceramic articles. Pinch-forming, coil-building, slab-building, introduction to the potter's wheel and glazing.

Advanced Wheel Throwing

Perfect your wheel working skills with Sandeep Manchekar. Learn advanced techniques of wheel throwing to become an expert at making pottery using the potter's wheel. Throw, center, open, pull and shape all kinds of ceramic wonders.

Proficiency in Clay & Glazes

Master clay bodies and their formulation. Understand the properties of terracotta, earthenware, stoneware, porcelain and other specialty clay bodies. Learn how to make glazes to match your clay bodies using advanced line blending concepts.

Ceramic Mural Making

Learn how to make ceramic murals using high temperature clay and glazes. Understand the development of clay for murals by understanding the impact of shrinkage on clay bodies. Learn glazing of murals and firing techniques.

Raku Firing Techniques

Get introduced to Raku Firing, a Japanese way of firing ceramic pieces. Learn how to work with clay bodies and glazes specially formulated for raku firing. Become proficient in the techniques and safety aspects of this intriguing firing method.

2023 Residency

Proficiency in Wheel Working

Sep 23, 2023 - Jan 22, 2024

4-month residency at the Anvi Pottery farmhouse studio. 

Residents will be immersed in an intensive programme that will cover advanced wheel-throwing and help perfect wheel working.

Course will be conducted by master ceramist Sandeep Manchekar.

Contact Anvi Pottery

Anvi Pottery is located a minute off the Mumbai-Goa Highway.

Easiest way to contact Sandeep is by WhatsApp at the number listed below


Please feel free to drop in or message any time.

Anvi Pottery
Studio 170, Wighawali Road
Indapur, Maharashtra, India

Phone: +91 98214 14440

Email: [email protected]