2018 monsoon residency

2018 Monsoon Residency

This course is sold out!

Sandeep Manchekar teaches advanced wheel throwing techniques 

Learn from the basics and become an expert at working the potter’s wheel

Bonus Module: Learn how to develop clay bodies and formulate glazes

This course is sold out!

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3-month residency starting July 2018

Gain mastery on the potter’s wheel. Learn how to throw perfectly, center the clay, open and lift perfect cylinders, pots, bowls and jars with lids.

Bonus Module


Learn how to develop your own clay bodies and formulate matching glazes. This module is regularly offered as a separate one-month course.

Farmhouse at Anvi Pottery

Monsoon at the Anvi Pottery Studio

Experience the magic of monsoon at the picturesque farmhouse. Course fees include lodging and all meals.

Learn Advanced Wheel Throwing

Become an expert in: 

  • Throwing clay perfectly each time
  • Effortlessly centering the clay on the wheel 
  • Opening and pulling the clay to form perfect shapes
  • Hump throwing small pots
  • Wheel throwing bowls 
  • Forming clay jars with lids
  • Section throwing 
  • Making functional pieces. Make a lemon set and tea kettle
  • All articles made will be recycled
  • Students can fire and keep articles for an additional charge
  • Admissions are limited for residencies 
  • Lodging and all meals are included

BONUS: Learn how to develop clay bodies & formulate matching glazes

  • Introduction to raw materials that form a clay body
  • Introduction to glaze raw materials 
  • Developing transparent glazes to match your clay bodies
  • Use advanced line blending methods to formulate glazes
  • Learning to prepare large batches of clay and glazes
  • Firing the glazes with colouring raw materials added
  • Line blending glazes using stains as colourant
  • Learn how to make varying colour glaze palettes

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Sandeep Manchekar

Sandeep Manchekar