2020 Summer Residency – Advanced Ceramics Residency

2020 Residency

Oct 05, 2020 - Feb 04, 2021

The 4-month residency is held at the Anvi Pottery farmhouse studio. Residents will be immersed in an intensive programme that will cover advanced wheel-throwing, clay and glaze making and kiln firing techniques. Course will be conducted by master ceramist Sandeep Manchekar and Neha Deshmukh (BFA Ceramics). 

Bonus Module: Firing articles in a wood-fired kiln

Course Fee: Rs. 45,000 per month

4 months charges payable upfront. GST included.

Fee includes course materials, stay at the farmhouse studio, farm-fresh meals and beverages.

Block your seat by making a refundable deposit of Rs. 5000

4-month residency starting Oct 2020

Gain mastery on the potter’s wheel. Learn how to throw perfectly, center the clay, open and lift perfect pottery articles.

Bonus Module

Clay making & Glaze formulation

Learn how to develop your own clay bodies and formulate matching glazes using advanced line blend methods.

Farmhouse at Anvi Pottery

The Anvi Pottery Studio

Enjoy a relaxed stay at the picturesque farmhouse. Course fee includes lodging, farm fresh meals and beverages.

Learn Advanced Wheel Throwing

Become an expert in: 

  • Throwing clay perfectly each time
  • Effortlessly centering the clay on the wheel 
  • Opening and pulling the clay to form perfect shapes
  • Hump throwing small pots
  • Wheel throwing bowls 
  • Forming clay jars with lids
  • Section throwing 
  • Making functional pieces. Make a lemon set and tea kettle
  • All articles made will be recycled
  • Students can fire and keep articles for an additional charge
  • Admissions are limited for residencies 
  • Lodging and all meals are included

Creat your own custom clay bodies & Formulate Matching Glaze Recipes

  • Introduction to raw materials that form a clay body
  • Introduction to glaze raw materials 
  • Developing transparent glazes to match your clay bodies
  • Use advanced line blending methods to formulate glazes
  • Learning to prepare large batches of clay and glazes
  • Firing the glazes with colouring raw materials added
  • Line blending glazes using stains as colourant
  • Learn how to make varying colour glaze palettes
  • Learn process and techniques of gas fired kilns

BONUS MODULE: Firing articles in a wood-fired kiln!

Reaching Anvi Pottery studio

  • Search “Anvi Pottery by Sandeep Manchekar” in Google/Google Maps to get correct location and directions.
  • By bus: From Mumbai you take a State Transport bus from Mumbai Central, Parel or Borivali to Indapur bus station. Rickshaw to Wighawali village, where Anvi is located, is about 10 minutes. 
  • By train: Take any train to Goa from Mumbai and reach Mangaon station. Rickshaw to Wighawali village, where Anvi is located, is about 20 minutes.
  • By Road: Anvi Pottery is 2 minutes off of the Mumbai-Goa highway at Indapur. 
  • Click here for directions to Anvi Pottery

Once at Anvi

  • All participants are expected to reach the studio by 10 AM on Oct 05, 2020. You may arrive up to a day earlier.
  • Each participant will be given 100 kgs of clay and one drum to reclaim used clay. Clay recycling is an essential part of the learning and each student will recycle their own clay.
  • Participants will clean their own work-space and wheel thoroughly at end of each working day.
  • Test kilns will be fired once a week as part of the programme.
  • Sandeep will conduct the course on Saturdays and Sundays and Neha will teach and train the rest of the week. Deepak is the studio in-charge who will guide you with materials and answer all your studio related questions. 
  • Working hours: 10 AM – 1 PM, 2 PM – 5 PM. Students may continue practicing beyond these hours.
  • Working days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. You will get Thursday and Friday off.
  • 9.30 AM: Breakfast, 1 PM: Lunch, 4 PM: Tea, 6 PM: Snacks, 9 PM: Dinner. Any requirements beyond scheduled meals will be chargeable.
  • There are local stores if you wish to buy any additional personal food items. You can store food in refrigerator if necessary.
  • Washing machine is available for Rs. 10 per clothing piece.
  • Air Conditioning in sleeping quarters is available at additional charge. Please ask.
  • Wi-fi is available in the main studio.

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