Sandeep Manchekar

Sandeep started his journey with ceramics at the age of eight. After practicing pottery during his childhood, he graduated from the prestigious Sir JJ School of Art and has since dedicated his life to practicing the art and teaching the craft. 

Sandeep conducts various workshops and residencies at his studio, Anvi Pottery. He also travels extensively to teach pottery and participate in ceramic symposiums. 

Sandeep Manchekar
Sandeep Manchekar

Earth, Fire and Water

3 basic elements. When Earth and Water combine with Fire, it can create magic. This magic is what we call CERAMICS!

I am passionate about ceramics. Clay has been my constant companion since childhood. It helps me stay calm and stress-free. Clay is very sensitive to manipulation and it immediately responds to my imagination. It is the most expressive material that I have enjoyed interacting with. In a true sense, I can express all my moods, thoughts and different shades in my day-to-day life through clay.

Sandeep Manchekar

Initiation to Pottery

Sandeep started learning pottery with the eminent ceramist Shri Laxmanrao Ajgaonkar at the age of eight, so it won’t be a stretch when he says that clay has been his constant companion since childhood. When he joined Sir JJ School of Art, at the age of twenty, he was already proficient in ceramics. Subsequent to his stint at JJ, Sandeep completed the Master Potter’s course from CVPI, Khanapur and the Master Craftsman’s course from RDTDC, Bangalore, where he is an empanelled Designer.

Sri Laxmanrao Ajgaonkar
Shri Laxmanrao Ajgoankar
Sandeep Manchekar Early Days

Soon after completing his education, Sandeep established his name as a ceramic artist across India. He was selected to display at prestigious art festivals, art galleries and art shows across the country. Sandeep soon extended his exposure to international arenas with his ceramic mural installations in Kuwait, Dubai and Muscat

Aesthetics and Technicals

As Sandeep’s body of work expanded, he became acutely aware of the need for understanding the technicalities of clay, tools of the trade,  in-depth understanding of materials that go into making glazes etc. The dearth of information in these areas, at that time, led him to his work with Shri Kishore Goradia, an expert in the technicalities and a treasure-trove of knowledge. Shri Goradia went on to become a mentor and the biggest supporter in Sandeep’s pursuit of mastering ceramics.

Sandeep Manchekar Kishore Goradia
Shri Kishore Goradia

Spreading the craft

Sandeep has always believed in teaching skills to other ceramic artists and helping them become confident in the craft. He has been conducting courses in ceramics and has taught students from across the country. He is also an expert in designing gas, electric and raku kilns of all sizes and volumes and has installed kilns for most artists, schools and institutions in India, including the IIT Industrial Design Centre (IDC) in Mumbai. 

Sandeep also develops his own clay bodies and glazes and makes them available for sale with all raw materials necessary for pottery. Over the years, Sandeep’s studio has become a ‘one-stop-shop’ to learn pottery and source materials and equipment for almost all ceramic artists in India.


Anvi Pottery

Anvi Pottery is Sandeep Manchekar’s dream come true. After many years of teaching in the city of Mumbai, Sandeep wanted a space away from it. In 2011, he acquired land nestled among lush paddy fields and green hills and opened the Anvi Pottery studio in Indapur, Raigad. It is here that he spends most of his time creating art work, teaching students, developing  clay bodies, formulating glazes, building kilns and wheels, and living out his passion for ceramics.


About Sandeep Manchekar and Anvi Pottery