Ceramic Luster Glazing Workshop

Ceramic Luster Glazing Workshop

Ceramic Luster Glazing Workshop

SEP 10-12, 2018

3-day Workshop to learn luster glaze making & firing techniques

Back by popular demand. Limited seats.
3-day Ceramic Luster Wokshop

SEP 10-12, 2018

Course fees: Rs. 20,000

Fees include all workshop fees, materials, lodging and all meals. Limited seats.

Ceramic Luster Glazing Workshop

By popular demand

Many of you have called us and written to us, asking how luster glazing works. Sandeep is a renowned luster glaze artist and will be teaching this course. Seats are limited.

Ceramic Luster Glazing Workshop

3-day workshop

Understand the concept of ceramic luster glazes and how they work. Learn how to make luster glazes and how to fire them using the right techniques to get the desired results.

Farmhouse at Anvi Pottery

Enjoy Monsoon at the Anvi Pottery Studio

Experience the magic of monsoon at the picturesque farmhouse. Course fees include lodging and all meals.

Learn Luster Glaze Making & Firing

In this workshop you will learn: 

  • The concept of luster in glazes
  • Making luster glazes – 2 base glazes & 4 variations
  • Applying luster glazes – techniques & processes
  • Test firing luster glazes
  • Luster firing Techniques
  • Evaluating firing results
  • Re-application of luster glazes and re-firing
  • All theory notes will be provided
  • Glaze compositions will be provided
  • You can carry 4 high bisque articles & 4 glazed articles to try luster glazes on
  • Additional articles, or articles larges than coffe mug size will be chargeable
  • Course fees include workshop fees, glaze materials, stay and all meals

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Sandeep Manchekar

Sandeep Manchekar