Advanced Wheel Working

A 3-month residency to gain mastery on the potter’s wheel. This course will teach you to throw perfectly, center the clay, open and lift perfect cylinders, pots, bowls and jars with lids. You will make one functional piece that you can chose to fire and keep. 

  • Become an expert on: 
    • Throwing clay perfectly each time
    • Effortlessly centering the clay on the wheel 
    • Opening and pulling the clay to form perfect shapes
    • Hump throwing small pots
    • Wheel throwing bowls 
    • Forming clay jars with lids
    • Section throwing 
    • Making functional pieces. Make a lemon set and tea kettle.
  • All articles made will be recycled
  • Students can fire and keep articles for an additional charge
  • Admissions are limited for residencies 
  • Lodging and all meals are included


Are you, or someone you know, interested in wheel working and would like to attend this residency? 

Please complete this form and we will contact you with additional details, schedules, availability and pricing. 

Sandeep Manchekar Profile

Sandeep Manchekar

Sandeep started his journey with ceramics at the age of eight and he has dedicated his life to practicing and teaching pottery. Over the last few decades, Sandeep has taught and mentored hundreds of ceramic artists and enthusiasts across India.

Anvi Pottery Profile

Anvi Pottery

Set among the lush farmlands of Raigad, with the verdant hills as a backdrop, the studio sets the stage for a slower life away from the city. Anvi Pottery attracts ceramists from all over India to practice pottery and attend classes, events and residencies.

Contact Anvi Pottery

Anvi Pottery is located a minute off the Mumbai-Goa Highway.

Easiest way to contact Sandeep is by WhatsApp at the number listed below


Please feel free to drop in or message any time.

Anvi Pottery
Studio 170, Wighawali Road
Indapur, Maharashtra, India

Phone: +91 98214 14440

Email: [email protected]