Ceramic Mural Making Workshop

A 10-day workshop to learn Ceramic Mural Making. The workshop deals with the art of making ceramic murals using high temperature firing clay and glazes. You will learn how to work with clay bodies for murals and pair glazes that match the clay bodies. 

  • Day 1
    • Session 1 Introduction to the clay body used for making murals. 
    • Session 2 Developing a mural design and understanding how to calculate and adjust for clay body shrinkage
  • Day 2
    • Session 1 Slab-rolling the clay for the mural and preparing it for the design
    • Session 2 Making the mural as per design 
  • Day 3
    • Session 1 Making the mural as per design  
    • Session 2 Slicing the mural into tiles and drying the tiles. Finalizing colours and preparing test tiles for glazing.
  • Day 4
    • Session 1 Bisque firing the mural tiles. Preparing additional test tiles for glazing.
    • Session 2 Glazing the mural tiles
  • Day 5
    • Session 1 Any Correction, if necessary and re-firing as required
    • Session 2 Studying the results and Q&A session


Are you, or someone you know, interested in learning how to make ceramic murals and would like to attend this workshop? 

Please complete this form and we will contact you with additional details, schedules, availability and pricing. 

Sandeep Manchekar Profile

Sandeep Manchekar

Sandeep started his journey with ceramics at the age of eight and he has dedicated his life to practicing and teaching pottery. Over the last few decades, Sandeep has taught and mentored hundreds of ceramic artists and enthusiasts across India.

Anvi Pottery Profile

Anvi Pottery

Set among the lush farmlands of Raigad, with the verdant hills as a backdrop, the studio sets the stage for a slower life away from the city. Anvi Pottery attracts ceramists from all over India to practice pottery and attend classes, events and residencies.

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Anvi Pottery is located a minute off the Mumbai-Goa Highway.

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Anvi Pottery
Studio 170, Wighawali Road
Indapur, Maharashtra, India

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